Why most SMEs are not digital ready

By Gerry Wagner on 30 Mar 2020

As SMEs we’re all busy and most of us like to speak in plain English - not tech jargon.

Digital transformation – but is that not just for huge companies?

Many of us may have heard about digital transformation and some of us may think “that’s just another techno buzzword for what big consulting firms are doing with big companies and government departments”. And that’s probably due to the fact that it is mostly large enterprises and government departments who are trying to digitally transform their old school ways of working. Whereas for many SMEs this is not seen as a priority.

We all live in the digital world

As SMEs, we simply often operate in a completely different world from large enterprises and government departments – and that’s an indisputable fact. However, as SMEs we do have something in common with large enterprises and government departments - we all now live and operate in the ever-changing digital world!

Many SMEs are still stuck in old-school ways of working

The digital world impacts our business and personal lives every day in so many ways. But despite this we have found that most SMEs are simply not Digital Ready! Many SMEs are using old school business models in a new school digital world. In plain English, we describe this as a low state of Digital Readiness.


A low state of Digital Readiness is why many SMEs are suffering low returns from their investment in digital marketing. The new business being generated through their use of SEO, Google Adwords, Search Engine Marketing, social media advertising etc. is falling.

Design for the hyper-competitive Digital World

One of the key reasons for this drop in ROI is the fact that internally and externally SMEs are not designing their business models, processes and sales and marketing systems to maximize the return from their digital marketing investment. Some SMEs have woken up to this and have invested in transforming their operations, processes and strategies to convert leads into customers more effectively and then to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

A competitive advantage

Look we all know that as SMEs you can achieve great results through hard work, by staying close to your customers and keeping one or two steps ahead of your competitors. To stay ahead in today’s digital world, you can also gain a serious competitive advantage by re-designing your business to compete more effectively in our new hyper competitive digital world. 

Designed by Architects

To design your dream home, you’d probably look to use an experienced architect. To design your dream business in today’s digital world, you’d benefit from the expertise of Inbound Digital Architects who understands SMEs and speak plain English. They will be able to examine your business internally - your operations, processes and systems - and externally to see how well you are performing in the digital world against your competitors. They will assess your state of Digital Readiness and guide you on how to optimise your SME business both internally and externally to maximise your growth and ROI and help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

How digital ready is your business?

Why not find out more about having a Digital Readiness Assessment done so you can become Digital Ready before your competitors gain an unfair advantage. See if you qualify for a free Digital Readiness Assessment.


and assessment?

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