What has the COVID-19 epidemic revealed about your SME business?

By Gerry Wagner on 30 Mar 2020

Businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the world have been impacted by the sudden disruption we’re currently experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Many SMEs have seen their hospitality or retail businesses shut down by government mandate or simply due to a lack of customers. Many other SME businesses have been severely affected in many other ways.

Survive or Thrive

Some businesses are struggling to cope with a stay at home workforce while others have transitioned to the new way of working rather smoothly. Some businesses are even thriving during this unprecedented assault on the health and livelihoods of billions of people.

How are you weathering the Storm?

The big question for many SME business owners is what has this sudden upheaval revealed about their businesses? How is your SME business weathering the storm?

Which SMEs will weather it better than others

When the crisis is over and businesses return from government-imposed lockdowns or hibernation, the evidence will show that those SME businesses that were better prepared and in an optimal state of ‘Digital Readiness’ were best able to cope in a crisis of this magnitude.

‘Optimal state of Digital Readiness’

You may be asking what does an ‘Optimal state of Digital Readiness’ mean in plain English to an SME owner like you? It actually means a number of important things to SMEs.

Totally operate in the Cloud

It means the SME business has adopted a new school digital ready operating model with all their systems being integrated and accessible in the cloud so that any staff can access the data and systems they need to do their job wherever they are – and at any time.

Cloud-based CRM delivering better customer experience

It means they use an integrated and cloud-based CRM system to deliver faster interaction with new leads converting a greater proportion of these leads into customers, using marketing personalisation and marketing automation tools to deliver a superior customer experience.

Agile and tailored content

It means they are set up to be agile to track the different customer types at different stages of their buying journey and automatically provide the right content to help move them through to the purchase decision and beyond.

How digital ready are you now?

No SME business can stand still and survive. They need to adapt to unexpected events and be prepared and resilient to withstand any shock or competitive threat. Making sure you are digital-ready may help you not only survive but be positioned to thrive when these challenging times are over.

So where do we start?

The first thing to do is to try to assess what is your current state of Digital Readiness and find out what you can do to Optimise it so you can gain a competitive advantage and maximise your future business growth through optimising the return from your digital marketing investment. Unlike typical digital marketing agencies, Inbound Digital Architects specialise in helping businesses, including SMEs to assess their digital readiness and then guide them on what changes they can make to optimise their business and maximise the ROI from their marketing investments.

Search Inbound Digital Architects or Digital Readiness

To find out more search for inbound digital architects or Digital Readiness specialists who work with SMEs to do a Digital Readiness Assessment.

There’s no better time than now to make sure your SME is Digital-Ready!


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