8 Ways AI and Machine Learning Can Improve Your Marketing in 2021

By Gerry Wagner on 12 Mar 2021

What if there was an easier way to improve your marketing? What if you could automate routine tasks to free up your time, gain deep insights from swathes of data, and revolutionise personalisation at scale?

I have good news for you. By embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) you can streamline and optimise your marketing strategy to see fantastic results.

Let’s explore 8 ways AI and ML can improve your marketing in 2021.

  1. Developing your AI and ML skills will pay dividends when you see the improved social media marketing performance and greater precision of marketing analytics that AI can bring to your business.

  2. AI and ML can be used to create ads with nothing but approval needed from the marketing team. Advertising formats include digital banners, social media posts and digital out-of-home ads.

  3. Use AI and ML to cut through and refine your customer segmentation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for them to help you to personalise individual channel experiences too.

  4. Use AI-based demand sensing to make better predictions of buying patterns across geographies, and help alleviate any stockouts and backorders.

  5. Optimise your media mix like Disney did. Disney gained new insights into its media mix through aggregating data across the organisation, preparing the data and transforming it for use in a model. A range of models were then used to achieve optimisation between budget and media mix.

  6. It’s time for CMOs to use AI and ML for one of their best purposes: automating remote, routine tasks. This simple implementation will free up more time to strategise and create stunning new campaigns.

  7. Increase engagement by creating real-time personalisation like Starbucks did. Starbucks used predictive analytics and AI to build a personalisation engine that integrated contextual data, third-party data, customer preferences, customers’ account information, and their mobile app information in order to increase user engagement by 150%.

  8. Don’t let technology limitations hold you back from executing personalisation strategies. Three of the greatest uses for AI and ML are campaign management, mobile app technology, and optimisation. Combine them all and you can see phenomenal personalisation at scale.

CMOs and their teams should continue to embrace and grow with AI and ML technologies to improve every aspect of their marketing campaigns and strategies. Successful AI and ML strategies for personalisation deliver real results which transcend marketing metrics. These enterprise-wide benefits include lifting sales revenue, Net Promoter Scores and customer retention rates.

By capitalising on the new technologies available, you’ll be able to strike a perfect balance between increased levels of data quality and insights gained from AI and ML, and the creativity and strategic skills of your team.


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